Hello and welcome to my entertainment career consulting practice for writers, producers and creative executives who are committed to taking their career to the next level.

Working with me, you have the advantage of working with someone who’s been on the other side of the desk; listened to thousands of pitches, bought hundreds of projects and hired scores of professionals from P.A.’s to top level writers and in-demand producers.

Making mistakes along the way, I climbed up the ladder to more than one dream job. I know exactly what it takes to succeed in Hollywood and I want to save you time getting there. I’m here to give you a competitive edge.

With Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan and Jeff Melvoin. Photo courtesy of WGA(w).

“Carole’s advice during our very first meeting dramatically changed the course of my career. She helped me look at my dreams in practicalities and she’s been my advantage ever since. At every step of the way Carole’s thoughtful, un-censored expertise has been the difference for me and I’m very grateful to be the benefactor of her incredible insight and experience.”
Vera Santamaria, co-executive producer, BoJack Horseman

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  • HOLLYWOOD GAME PLAN won’t just teach you how to get a foot in the Hollywood door — it will teach you how to bust that door down.”

    This book is my way to encourage you to take a risk and follow your dreams. But you don’t have to do it alone…

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  • HOLLYWOOD GAME PLAN is a fantastic, eye-opening read for anyone navigating a career in Hollywood and perfect for young filmmakers.”
    — Rachel Feldman 
    Professor, MFA Program
    USC School of Cinematic Arts




INSIDER TIP: Every power player in this town got to where she or he is because somebody helped in the beginning. Consequently, most people are willing, if you do a decent “ask,” to sit down with you. Of course there are some jerks who would rather eat dirt than lend a hand, but they are few and far between.
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